This week the boys have ventured to Florida with their Dad to visit Disney! This is a lot of “firsts” for them. First time so far from home, first time on a plane, first time at Disney! Lucky boys!
This has meant a quiet week at home for me and Courtney. We had a “girls night out” (dinner at Friendly’s lol), and are going to see the Monster Truck Show at Nassau Coliseum with Jay on Friday! Woot! Should be fun 🙂
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I was married for 20+ years then divorced. Now with a great guy from Indy (funny story how we met!). Worked for Chase (in all it's various names and incarnations) for 18 years. No longer working thanks to a back injury back around 2000 that has led to 9 herniated discs and a major case of degenerative disc disease. That irrevocably changed my life and how I was able to live it, as well as putting an end to many of the things I loved to do (skiing, horseback riding, etc). Recently sold my home in West Islip, NY and have relocated to a brand new home in Greenwood, IN. Raised three amazing kids who I love more than my own life and have a great guy who I love and who loves me for who I am. Just got married June 2011, so when you look at what really is important, life is good!
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