Tony the Tiger is back…..

Yay! Race season has started again! Boy, I don’t know about the rest of you, but that was a long, dry, raceless stretch of weeks here!
It was a great Bud Shootout, with Tony (our favorite) showing the new guy (his new partner Denny Hamlin) how it’s done. I think the kid has natural talent and with Tony to guide him, and Joe Gibbs backing him, he may really go far. It was a real sign of the “new Tony” when he took Denny under his wing, helping him win respect from the other drivers and showing him the ropes at Daytona. The more mature, responsible Tony also stepped up to the plate (or is it the wheel, in racing?) and spoke out on the dangers of bump drafting. Saturday was a great day, with Tony winning the Busch race, too bad I missed the race, doh!!!! 🙁
And then there was Sunday. What the heck happened on Sunday! Someone grabbed the tiger by the tail and boy oh boy he showed his teeth!! I think maybe it was a flash-back to the old Tony days. He showed his real talent time and again, making his way back up to the front over and over, recovering from penalties and hard knocks. I don’t know what happened with Kenseth, but I’m not sure that was the best way to handle any problems, with a 3500 pound car at Daytona. It sure looks to be an exciting season ahead of us! (Too bad Jay is going to miss a lot of the races…….hmm maybe we should get Tivo!)


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