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I sit here typing this with one of our family’s newest members on my shoulder (making this a near impossible task!) Her name is Tator and she is a 14 week old Snow Bengal.

Her fur is very soft as she is going through what is called the “fuzzy uglies”, where the little ones get kind of baby fuzz that they later shed for their sleek, shimmery grown-up fur. She is a marble lynx so she is sort of light gray in swirls and has blue/gray eyes. Our other new family member is Ginger. She is also a Bengal but is 6 months old and is spotted in shades of brown,tan and gold glints. She has very big green eyes and a wonderfully expressive face. She has her grown up fur already so is quite smooth and sleek feeling with gold “glimmers” (like highlights in her fur πŸ™‚ ). Tator will have pearl “glimmers” when she gets older.

They are a most unusual breed of cats, having been bred from the Asian Leopard cat and domestic cats (often the Egyptian Mau). I have had more kinds of cats in my years than I could count and yet I have never encountered ones such as these! First they absolutely Loooooove water! They will come in the shower with me if I leave the door cracked, will sit in the bathroom sinks waiting for me to turn the water on, and Tator has already fallen in the toilet once while trying to investigate ( I got her out before her butt turned blue). If you are looking for a cat to be a companion constantly by your side and under your feet, in your lap, on your shoulder, or attacking your feet in bed, then a Bengal is the cat for you! They follow me room to room while I do chores, cry at the bathroom door if I “accidently” close it before they get in, and are the LOUDEST cats at feeding time I’ve ever heard! They are very playful and affectionate. It’s hard to say what’s their best feature…..their looks or their personalities. I wish I had discovered these beauties sooner!
I have my younger sister Nancy to thank for these two beautiful girls. She breeds bengals and often has anywhere from 15-30 cats/kittens.

In other news….
The kids are growing like weeds! I looked back at the pictures on the site here of our Indy trip and omg I can’t believe how much they’ve changed. Travis towers over me (the brat), Brandon is shorter than Travis but still taller than me, and Courtney is giggling and letting me know on a weekly basis that she is “almost as tall as you mom!!”
Brandon has applied to four colleges (Dowling University, Adephi, St. Johns and Hofstra University) and been accepted at all four. Two have already offered him partial scholarships. He will be taking Economics as his major with possibly a Computer Science minor.
Travis has been bringing home some outstanding grades this year, even getting the Principals Award for maintaining an overall average above 90!
Courtney recently got braces and has had red and green bands put on for the Christmas Holidays! πŸ™‚ It took about a weeks worth of adjusting, and when she realized she couldn’t have her favorite Reese’s Fastbreaks till they came off she was quite upset, but she has adjusted and is doing well with them so far.
Not much new with Jay or myself. Jay got me a new tattoo for Christmas (yes, it was what I asked for!). On my lower back, just above my surgery scar, it says “FRAGILE” in bold letters (to look like a stamp on a package :)) I figured after I herniated the fourth disc emptying the dishwasher I needed a warning label!
That’s about all for now. Jay and the kids and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and send wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all! Hugs and kisses!


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I was married for 20+ years then divorced. Now with a great guy from Indy (funny story how we met!). Worked for Chase (in all it's various names and incarnations) for 18 years. No longer working thanks to a back injury back around 2000 that has led to 9 herniated discs and a major case of degenerative disc disease. That irrevocably changed my life and how I was able to live it, as well as putting an end to many of the things I loved to do (skiing, horseback riding, etc). Recently sold my home in West Islip, NY and have relocated to a brand new home in Greenwood, IN. Raised three amazing kids who I love more than my own life and have a great guy who I love and who loves me for who I am. Just got married June 2011, so when you look at what really is important, life is good!
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