A trip to the zoo

Today we decided to take a trip to the Indianapolis zoo and had a great time!  We went on Nov 6th which was the first weekend that tickets go for less due to the season.  The temperature was in the high 60s which was nice for us and the animals both.  This was also a great trip as it was one of the few times that all 3 of the kids went out with us.

DSC02226.JPG DSC02344.JPG DSC02449.JPG

The Indianapolis zoo has a shallow pool were you can reach in and touch some small sharks.  The penguins were very interesting to watch and a cool setup for viewing.  You are standing in a corridor with glass on both sides where you can see the penguins.  The water is against the glass so you can see them swimming and the two sides are connected under the corridor.


The desert area is a great place to look for hiding animals.  A lot of small lizards like to go way high and far away.  The video below shows just how far.


The plains area is where you will see elephants, wild cats, zebras, and more.  The cheetahs really perked up when they heard the baby elephant making noise.


The forests are had a bear that seemed to be in a really playful mood and a tiger who was looking at us as if we were his next meal.


The dolphin show is held in the dome.  There is a viewing area below the water as well.




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