Columbus Indiana Festival of Lights

So last night we decided to go to Columbus Indiana to watch the Festival of lights parade.  This was actually my first winter time parade I have ever been to and the weather was not bad.  We found a seat at 3rd and Washington where the parade took a turn and the broadcasters sat.

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The biggest disappointment I would have to say were some of the rude attendees.  Wendy has a bad back so we got there early and found an open spot for her to sit with a good view since the parade was supposed to be about 90 minutes long.  As time got close to the start of the parade some people decided to stand in front of her.  I politely asked them to move aside as my wife was not able to stand for long periods of time.  They looked at me as if they did not understand English and then turned back around.  Needless to say she was able to see half the parade as it came around the corner.  On a brighter note to her left we had a nice older couple to chat with.

The parade itself was a little disappointing.  about 50% of the entries were self promoting businesses who simple put some lights on their company vehicles.  At several points the parade also had about a block of nothing.  Not sure if they were having problems with floats getting stuck but was really kind of odd.  Even the announcers seemed confused about the situation.  Also at the risk of sounding like an old fart but when I was in the Boy Scouts and in a parade we had to march the whole thing.  All the kids I saw were on wagons or floats.

Below you will find some pictures we took.  I apologize for the low quality.  We have a great camera but still learning some of the settings and the huge amount of light coming from the Commons mall caused problems.

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