Super Bowl Village 2012

I know we do not have many pictures but took a few when we went downtown.  We did not go on Super Bowl weekend, that would have been nuts.

DSC03043.JPG DSC03047.JPG DSC03064.JPG

There was no doubt what was going on downtown!

DSC03042.JPG DSC03048.JPG

There was an 800 foot long zip line running down the street.

DSC03045.JPG DSC03064.JPG

Being in Indy it was cool to see the mix of Indy cars and the NFL.

DSC03046.JPG DSC03049.JPG

Several stages were available for entertainment.

DSC03057.JPG DSC03058.JPG DSC03060.JPG

There were areas that fans could participate in activities.

DSC03061.JPG DSC03053.JPG

And it looked like communications and news coverage was in check.

DSC03052.JPG DSC03065.JPG

If it had been warmer out we may have stayed longer and taken more photos.

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