World of Wheels 2012

Yesterday me and the boys went to the World of Wheels show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  The exhibit took up 3 areas.  At the time we went in we were not aware of this.

DSC03118.JPG DSC03176.JPG DSC03199.JPG

There was a wide range of vehicles for anyone’s interest.  Plenty of old classic rides.

DSC03136.JPG DSC03137.JPG DSC03139.JPG

A few trucks were on hand including a stretched limo Hummer.

DSC03132.JPG DSC03142.JPG DSC03198.JPG

There was a tractor that looked like it have never seen a day in the field and Travis tried a corn dog for the first time.

DSC03187.JPG DSC03188.JPG DSC03190.JPG

Some “Hollywood” cars were being shown as well.

DSC03126.JPG DSC03130.JPG DSC03189.JPG

Some race cars were seen.

DSC03210.JPG DSC03212.JPG DSC03240.JPG

Bicycles were representing and there was an area showing off some models built from K’nex!

DSC03163.JPG DSC03164.JPG DSC03226.JPG

And finally there were a few motorcycles on hand as well.

DSC03178.JPG DSC03262.JPG DSC03309.JPG

Below you will find the full gallery of pictures we took.  Enjoy!

[pe2-gallery album=”aHR0cDovL3BpY2FzYXdlYi5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RhdGEvZmVlZC9iYXNlL3VzZXIvMTEzMzcxOTU1MTQyMjg5MzUyNjg1L2FsYnVtaWQvNTcwODA4NDgzNTI3MjMxNDM2OT9hbHQ9cnNzJmFtcDtobD1lbl9VUyZraW5kPXBob3Rv”]

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