Eleven City Diner

So we were in Chicago this weekend for the C2E2 convention and were looking for a place to eat Saturday night. Instead of choosing a restaurant chain we decided to look for a local place. After searching the internet for somewhere reasonably priced and still open, we ended up going the the Eleven City Diner.

Saturday for most cons are usually the biggest, busiest, and most exhausting day so we were very tired and very hungry!  The diner was not far from the hotel where we were staying, which was a big plus.  Walking in we were greeted by a friendly staff and an atmosphere that transported us back in time.  I had only lived in New York for five years, so my New York diner expertise was good, but nowhere near the level of Wendy’s. We were seated in a very comfortable booth (not one of those wimpy, skinny ones!) with genuine leather upholstery, across from a counter lined with old-fashioned stools. As we ordered drinks and relaxed, we perused the menu and took in the ambiance. Wendy said the place reminded her of the New York City diners she had gone to when she lived in New York. High ceilings, tile floors, and a two story dining area made the most of the space. The back counter was decorated with a sparkling mirror, lots of chrome, and a cake stand with a HUGE red velvet cake inside. Dessert was definitely on the agenda now!

Our server was very prompt, extremely friendly and was able to easily answer any questions we had about the menu.  I opted for the patty melt which consisted of a certified Angus steak burger, grilled onions, American cheese, topped with thousand island dressing on Rye bread.  Wendy ordered the Moshe Cristo made with Ham, Roast Turkey, melted Swiss on two slices of Challah French toast.  Both entrees came with french fries (just crispy enough!) and a salty Kosher pickle that Wendy declared the best she’s had since she left New York. Courtney, who was almost too tired to eat, had the chicken noodle soup and  chocolate milkshake combo. She gave her soup, with chunks of chicken and vegetables, two thumbs up, but the milkshake was in a class by itself. After taking a sip, she insisted we all try some and agreed, it was da bomb!

The food was great!  Even though I had lived in NY for only 5 years we had gone to diners many times.  Wendy even agreed that hear meal was superb as well.  If we are back in Chicago we will definitely make sure we eat there again.

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