Holy cow we did something!!

Wow!  We did something non cosplay related!  We had a free hotel night that needed to be used before the end of November.  We looked around to see what would be a fairly short driving distance from where we live.  We decided to go to St. Louis as none of us had ever been.  This ended up being a great weekend get away as it was only about a 4 hour drive.



We stayed at the Hyatt across from the arch.  We were so close all we had to do was walk across the street and we were there.  The first thing we hit was the arch itself.  We knew the elevators were small but pictures do not do it justice.  Only 5 people can fit at one time and it does not go all the way to the top.  The lift stops short of the top and you have to take some stairs the rest of the way.  Once up there you have a nice view of the city and the river.  The arch does sway a little bit as well.  It’s hard to believe construction started in 1963 and was finished in 1968.


After leaving the arch we headed over to the Tigin Irish Pub.  The atmosphere was nice and the food was good as well.  The waitress heard we were from out of town and suggested we go to the City Museum.  We thought to ourselves, “most museums are all alike” and figured we would pass on going there.  Later on we would find we were glad she suggested it.


We left the Tigin and took a stroll over to the downtown area where there were lots of historic buildings along the brick lined streets. We decided to take our very first horse and carriage ride, which was pretty neat.  The driver took us down near the river and the arch and told us a little bit of history about the area.  After the ride, we stopped by Hannegan’s Restaurant and Pub for some dessert and live music.  We then wandered back towards the hotel and, seeing how early it still was, decided to watch a movie at MX Movie Theater.  We watched Enders Game and were pretty pleased with it. The seats in the theater were huge, much like home theater seats for your house, and leaned way back. Each pair of seats had a small side table between them, to hold your food and drinks (even alcohol), which you could order using the tablet attached to each seat. The waiter would then bring you your snacks while the movie was showing.  It was finally time to call it a night and we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.


Sunday we got up and were looking for things to do.  What looked to be the 2 biggest attractions in the area were the City Museum and the St. Louis Zoo.  Since we had shrugged off the museum, we were considering the zoo.  Before we headed out we noticed the skies were not looking good and the wind was really kicking up.  Maybe the museum might be a good idea after all?  Was there a reason the waitress suggested it as soon as we said we had never been to St Louis?  Okay, time to look up the site and see what is there.  WOW.  The pictures and videos we saw blew us away.  This place looked like a playground for adults, as well as kids. We hopped in the car and went straight there.  Pulling into the parking lot you  could immediately get a sense of how much fun was to be had.  After several hours climbing, crawling and sliding (like a kid again!) it was time to go home.  All in all it was a pretty good weekend get away!  Look below for pictures 🙂


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