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My name is Jay and I am the main admin here at All4Us5. My wife Wendy also contributes from time to time, sometimes more than I do. I also run a gaming website at http://stu-pidaso.net The game is Half-Life, the very game that brought us together.  The following is the story of how we met.

I had just gone through my second divorce and Wendy was going through her first. Neither of us were looking to get back into a new relationship anytime soon.  Around the same time the Chappelle show was playing a bit about True Hollywood Stories with Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie.

Chappelles Show
True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Pt. 1
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While playing Half-Life online one night someone decided to change their name to Rick James.  I changed mine to Charlie Murphy to go along with the gag.  At about this time Wendy had just had an argument with her ex to be and was looking to blow off some some steam by going online to play.  While looking at names of players in servers she saw her husbands name, Charlie Murphy.  She thought “that idiot is playing with his own name” and decided she was going to go in and put a whoopin’ on him.  Little did she know it would go the other way.  After a few times of being killed by me she realized I was not who she thought I was.

We got to talking and over days and months built a great friendship and I ended up moving to New York to be with her just over a year later.  In 2011 we got married and the story continues to write itself…

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  1. Bob & Sandy says:

    Love you guys! Enjoyed the read. Need to hang out again soon!

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