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I was married for 20+ years then divorced. Now with a great guy from Indy (funny story how we met!). Worked for Chase (in all it's various names and incarnations) for 18 years. No longer working thanks to a back injury back around 2000 that has led to 9 herniated discs and a major case of degenerative disc disease. That irrevocably changed my life and how I was able to live it, as well as putting an end to many of the things I loved to do (skiing, horseback riding, etc). Recently sold my home in West Islip, NY and have relocated to a brand new home in Greenwood, IN. Raised three amazing kids who I love more than my own life and have a great guy who I love and who loves me for who I am. Just got married June 2011, so when you look at what really is important, life is good!

Home again, Home again…..

Hello again! It was a happy reunion for the boys when they returned from sunny Florida to be met by their welcoming sister, myself and Jay. While they were shocked to see how much the snow had already melted (it … Continue reading

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Let it snow, let it snow, oh no!!

Well, so much for the boys coming back from Florida today! A weather advisory is in effect for pretty much all of the North East United States with blizzard warnings. Flights out of Florida (as well as many other areas … Continue reading

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This week the boys have ventured to Florida with their Dad to visit Disney! This is a lot of “firsts” for them. First time so far from home, first time on a plane, first time at Disney! Lucky boys! This … Continue reading

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